Don't Worry Everyone! There's A SillyBandz iPhone App Now.

Net neutrality is at risk, we’ve got representatives breaking down into tears on TV, and the world can’t seem to agree whether Julian Assange is a cool dude or not. Now that we’ve got all that non-sense out of the way, how about some important news? SillyBandz (otherwise known as “those wonky rubberband bracelets that are vaguely shaped like dinosaurs or milkshakes or whatever when you take them off”) is now an iPhone game.

In SillyBandz: The Game you find yourself on SillyBandz Island, where, of course, the SillyBandz have come to life! From there, it seems to be like Angry Birds minus the birds, the pigs, or any of the things that make it Angry Birds. You flick rubber bands around the level to collect stars and stuff, all while some little puppy named Stella narrates the — man, who am I kidding? I don’t need to write a synopsis. No promotional/branded game can ever live up to the glory that was M.C. Kids anyway.

Oh, and it’s 99 cents.

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