HTC Incredible HD (Mecha) Gets Caught On Camera Yet Again

After yesterday’s slightly sheisty and very-much-controlled “leak” of a half dozen ultra close-up shots of the Verizon-4G-ready HTC Incredible HD (otherwise known as “Mecha”), I’m almost tired of seeing this thing. But for every tired Greg, there are a few hundred Android geeks just chompin’ at the bit for another spy shot — so let it be.

While this shot of the Incredible HD isn’t the best one we’ve seen so far (that’d be this one), it is the first time we’ve seen it powered up. Pay special attention to that status bar — see the 4G/LTE logo? Consider that confirmation that this thing will be 4G-friendly, something which has only been a rumor until now.

This thing is 4G-ready, Verizon is saying they’ll show at least one 4G phone at CES, and CES is in around two weeks. At this point, I’ll be straight up shocked if Verizon doesn’t officially unveil this one by/at CES.

[Picture Via Gizmodo]