Smule's Experimental New Money Model: Street Performance

After you’ve made a series of iOS App Store hits like I Am T-Pain, Glee Karaoke, Leaf Trombone, and Magic Fiddle, what do you do next to further bolster that yearly revenue? You could make another iPhone app, sure — or you could follow in the footsteps of countless mimes, jugglers, dudes-painted-to-look-like-robots and breakdancers before you, and turn to the streets.

So that’s what Smule did. Lookin’ to bring in some extra cash for their Q4 reports (read: looking to have some fun and spread some Holiday cheer), they set out on tour, iPads Magic Fiddles in hand. Two stops later, they were rolling deep in over one dollar and fourty five cents (none of which, as our friends at Smule point out, do they have to share with Apple.) Take that, Bushman!

Happy Holidays, folks.