LVX: Your Lights Are Talking To You(r Computer)

Visible Light Communication is a data trasmission protocol that uses visible light to send data at 3 Mbps using LEDs and special models. The system works by modulating the LED lighting in your home or office.

Visible Light with Embedded Communication is comprised of light photons and can be seen by the human eye. Its related equipment is what looks like a standard lamp that generates its light from LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes or solid state lighting) rather than hot filaments or hot gasses like those used in today’s lamps. The difference is that the solid state LEDs “modulate” so fast, that though the human eye can’t see this modulation, data information can be carried within this modulated signal, all while lighting your occupied area as traditional lights always have.

The best part is that the system apparently allows for two-way transmission although I’m not sure how all of the modems can reply to the lights without completely blinding the office. Three office buildings in Minnesota are about to enable the system on a trial basis.

via giz