Shock: Music Industry Tops DMCA Takedown Notices In 2010

Man, they’re still fighting, aren’t they? ChillingEffects‘ stats, by way of TorrentFreak, reveal that the “international music industry,” in the form of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, has sent the most DMCA takedowns notices in 2010, with some 1,272 notices sent in the year. In third place is some Brazilian hardware site, Clube do Hardware. In third place we have Twentieth Century Fox, the movie studio that brought us hits like Knight and Day, Predators, Machete, and Wall Street: The Kid From Even Stevens Edition. Oh, and Avatar.

What does all of this mean? Eh, not a whole lot. We learn that the music industry, hilariously, still hasn’t quit going after people who share pop-trash nonsense. (There was a big operation a few days ago targeting music sites who are accused of engaging in “willful copyright infringement,” but it’s a whole lot more complicated than that, particularly with respect to hip-hop marketing and promotion.) But beyond that, there isn’t much to digest here.

What’s perhaps a little surprising is the lack of movie studios in the upper tiers of the list. Twentieth Century Fox is the only non-pornographic film studio in the top 20.

The RIAA itself is in 7th place, issuing “only” 203 takedown notices.

What to watch: I’m going to guess that Amazon sold and boatload of Kindles this year, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see an increase in e-book piracy in 2011. Lord knows there’s already 8 million sites dedicated to sharing PDFs and EPUBs.