Tons of HTC Thunderbolt Product Shots Leaked

Boom! With HTC and Verizon teasin’ up a storm around their upcoming 4G Android handset, the Thunderbolt (previously known round the ol’ rumor mill as the Incredible HD, or “Mecha”), it was only a matter of time before this thing got a proper, exhaustive photo leak.

And so it goes.

Droid-Life has just unearthed product shots of the handset from just about every imaginable angle, including one that quite clearly shows the “Thunderbolt” name being used for marketing (thereby pretty much confirming our suspicions that that’ll be the final name when this thing becomes official). Pop over to the source link to peep a bevy of other shots.

Things to note:

  • Kickstand (The first Android phone on Verizon with that, if I recall correctly)
  • A multimedia speaker behind the Kickstand
  • Front-facing camera up top
  • 4G/LTE support is positively confirmed, given the branding on back
  • Also visible in the branding: It’s a “With Google” phone, which makes it sound like Verizon won’t be doing any of that swap-Google-out-for-Bing nonsense.

Source: Droid-Life