CrunchGear PSA: Don't Game For 12 Hours Straight. It's Bad For You.

I’m not making light of this, I’m actually quite upset and disappointed. Another gamer, this one in South Korea, has gone for a marathon 12 hour gaming session, and then collapsed and died. Wake up people! No game is worth playing that long.

This is seriously getting out of hand. I realize that gaming can be addictive and fun, and that it can eat time like crazy. I’ve been known to let myself get pulled into an extended session of Civilization just like the next guy. But c’mon people, 12 hours is too long. The poor gamer, who was only identified as Moon in the original article started playing at 2:00am, took a break for some food at 10:30am, and then collapsed around 2:00pm. He was then taken to the hospital and pronounced DOA. The game he was playing was not identified (thankfully) however his family did describe him as someone who enjoyed an online shooting game.

Seriously, if you play for 12 hours straight, someone needs to pull the plug. I’m tired of reading (and writing) about this happening to people. I realize that we may not have a huge Korean readership, but I hope this wakes some people up. If you have a friend who has a gaming problem (and 12+ hours is definitely a problem), get them some help. Eventually, they’ll thank you for it.

[via Kotaku]