Irony: Read Kindle Books On Your Rooted NookColor

Just when we thought the NookColor was just a B&N reading device, hackers have rooted the devices and ported the Kindle reading app to the platform, ensuring plenty of migraines around Barnes & Noble HQ this week.

To root the device you need one of the Autorooter images and Win32ImageWriter for Windows or Mac OS/Linux tools to write the image to an MicroSD card. Then you upload the Kindle app from the Android store and rock out. This process also adds GMail, YouTube, and a number of other standard Android goodies to your previously stripped-down NookColor.

The whole process is right here and it should be a fine ride. Apparently the NookColor is a great Android hacking device, which makes things even more compelling. We’ll give it a try when we get our hands on another one. Here’s hoping the NC doesn’t become the CueCat of e-readers.