Asus' Complete CES 2011 Tablet Offering, Revealed And (Mostly) Detailed

Asus always has a strong CES showing and this year looks like it might be centered around everyone’s favorite new form factor: tablets. The company released teaser pics just the other day that highlight the top-tier manufacturing but those pics seemed to ask more questions than they answered. They were of several models with a few of them showing unconventional configurations, which left us wondering what the hell Asus had developed.

But it seems the answers were already floating through the Internet tubes. Asus had apparently released a CES teaser video before Christmas that pretty much filled in all the details on the Windows tablet — the EP121. But then another video appear — and then disappeared — that revealed the model number and form factors of the other three slates: the EP102 slider, the EP101 with dockable keyboard, and then the smaller EP71 media player. So yeah, click through only if you want to spoil your Asus CES appetite.

The EP121 is shaping up to the be a Windows dream tablet. The teaser video above details a Core i5 CPU and multitouch 12-inch screen. Then there’s an HDMI port, USB, SD card slot, and a webcam. But this tablet is far from new. It’s been making trade show appearances since last May. Hopefully the CES 2011 showing is accompanied with a release announcement.

The EP102 is to be a slider of sorts. That fits nicely with the pic above that many speculated the other day was hiding a keyboard. Chances are the EP102 will be a 10-inch screen as Asus generally sticks to a strict naming scheme. That also makes the EP101 a 10-inch but according to the chalkboard promo, it will feature a detachable keyboard. Could one of these — or both — be the Android slates shown off the teaser pics from the other day?

The EP71 is positioned smaller in the screengrab with musical notes on its screen. So yeah, this is Asus’s upcoming media player.

CES 2011 is next week so Asus will no doubt fill in the blanks shortly. Android flavor? Release dates and markets? Price? Yeah, all these will be answered shortly. [ via NetbookNews]