PSA: iPhone Alarms Still Aren't Working

Bad News, friends: With the long weekend over and that New-Years-Hangover (hopefully) conquered, it’s time to get back to life. Step 1: Set an alarm.

Perhaps you’ve heard by now that the iPhone’s alarm system had gone a bit wonky once we’d flipped over into 2011. Perhaps, then, you’ve also heard that the problem would solve itself come January 3rd β€” just in time to wake the workforce up for the first weekday of the year.

No such luck.

As Reuters points out, iPhone alarms are, unfortunately, still a bit broken. It should work as long as you make it a repeating alarm and set it to go off every day β€” but even with that, there’s no being certain until the thing goes off. Until Apple pushes out a quick patch or until reports of absent alarms stop coming in, it’s probably best to on your good ol’ fashion bedside alarm clock. Yep β€” go pull that thing out of the garage and blow the dust off; it’s its time to shine for a while.