New GPS System Boosts Accuracy To 3cm

Existing GPS systems usually achieve an accuracy of about 10m, but that will change soon, according to a recent report in Japanese business daily The Nikkei: a new technology developed by Mitsubishi and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) improves that number to an unbelievable 3cm.

This record for a non-military system was achieved during a recent public test in Japan, with a car driving at 20km/h. The car (see picture above) was equipped with a conventional GPS system, but signals from Michibiki were complementing the GPS readings (Michibiki is one of JAXA’s satellites currently orbiting Earth).

JAXA and Mitsubishi claim former tests have shown their system maintains its accuracy with cars even driving up to 80km/h. The makers also say that because Michibiki can cover Japan for just eight hours a day, two more satellites are needed to provide high-quality GPS for 24 hours straight.

Not too surprisingly, JAXA and Mitsubishi see the new tech used for future car navigation systems but also for advanced construction machines, child monitoring systems or travel guidance solutions.