Sprint Announces The MiFi 3G/4G

We’ve been in love with the MiFi for just shy of two years now, having started crushing on it back when it was first announced. I mean, come on: it’s a portable, battery-powered WiFi router that pulls data from the cellular network. What’s not to love?

Last year, Sprint launched a 4G-fueled MiFi-imitator of sorts, the Overdrive. Alas, the love wasn’t there; between its crummy battery life and sketchy connectivity, it just wasn’t the same.

Two years after the original’s debut, a proper 4G MiFi is finally comin’ to town.

Set for a 2-year contract price of $49.99 when it launches on February 27th, this new Sprint MiFi packs support for both their 3G network and their 4G network. The name, which we’re guessing took at least a minute or two to conjure up: The 3G/4G MiFi.

Pardon the puddle of drool on my desk — I’ve been waiting for this one (not to mention the Verizon LTE model that’s almost certainly on the way) for a while now.