Is This The Nintendo 3DS's UK (And US's) Release Date?

Japan is getting the 3DS on February 26. That’s a fact per Nintendo themselves. But so far the rest of the world is left wondering when they’ll be able to buy it although most are speculating that early March is likely.

That thought seems to be confirmed with a Gamestation shop window display that clearly indicates that the 3D gaming system will be released on March 1st. Of course this is from the UK where they drive on the wrong side of the road and transpose dates, but there’s nothing stopping this from not being true.

Retailers make up signage — that’s what it’s called in retail-speak — months in advance and this is generally followed by a few more months of marketing strategy so it’s very likely that select launch partners already know when the 3DS’s release date even though Nintendo hasn’t publicly revealed it to us. March 1st? Sure, why not.