iPad-Only "Newspaper" The Daily To Arrive January 19th (Update: Jobs?)

We’ve been hearing about this iPad-only newspaper/magazine/app from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for some time now. A number of magazines have thrown down iPad versions of themselves, and Virgin’s Project magazine made some waves recently, though I haven’t heard much of it since launch. The Daily will be perhaps the most ambitious effort yet, apparently hoping to have fresh daily content delivered directly to your iPad.

The problem as I see it is simply that everyone who has an iPad already has access to the largest source of fresh content ever seen: the internet. I mean, far be it from me to place ourselves in opposition to Murdoch’s multi-million dollar baby, but the truth is that CrunchGear and a hundred blogs like us on various topics also produce interesting original content every day. Will people really want to pay for another source?

But of course every idea is bunk until someone actually makes it work, and in fact the iPad itself is perhaps the most salient proof of that. I look forward to checking out The Daily when it makes its debut on the 19th.

You can sign up for email updates at their website.

Update: Some say… Steve will appear on stage at the same time. I can think of a couple situations in which this might be possible, but I’ll stay mum for now.