Split Strap Quickly Hits Kickstarter Goal, Still Time To Get In On The Fun

I’m writing this as my back and shoulders are still burning from our week at CES. Messenger bag straps are simply not adequate and that’s what Split Strap is designed to counter by adding a larger shoulder pad that’s split — hence the name — for better a better fit.

Clever idea, right? Yep, but this Kickstart program doesn’t need your help. The project is just three days old and as of this post’s writing, it’s already $4,000 over the target funding goal of $5,000. However, there’s still 57 days left during the funding phase and the pledges start out at $20 with minor increments, with each one netting funders a different Split Strap variation. A $20 pledge nets you a camera strap, $22 a messenger bag strap, $24 for a duffel strap and so on with $150 earning you all six models. Chances are these prices are a bit less than the final retail product so get ’em while you still can.

This project is actually the second Kickstarter product from San Francisco-based Custom SLR. Surely you remember the first one, the C-Loop SLR mount solution, which moves your SLR camera’s strap to the tripod mounting location. That project saw similar success, netting $63,163 in funding over the project’s target goal of $15,000. That’s what happens when a novel product hits the viral fan.