New Guitar Tuner Tunes, Is Green

Back in the olden days of the 1970s, people used to get together in big rooms where hairy men in tie-die would play “instruments” including the famous “guitar.” Because those instruments didn’t have four color buttons and a Star Power bar, you had to “tune” them using a pitchfork or, barring that, the squeals of a groupie.

Now kids who play the guitar, besides discovering that guitar is really hard, have learned that you can tune your fiddle with an “electronic tuner” that shows the “note” in big letters. An, unlike the Guitar Hero guitar, this tuner, called the Intellitouch PT40 Tuner, isn’t actually part of the game and must be purchased separately. Also, since modern kids are into greenness, this tuner is rechargeable and clips right to your headstock or can be used as a roach clip.

It will cost $50 when it comes out this month from OnBoard Research.

New Intellitouch Rechargeable Tuner for Guitar & More

Intellitouch is truly GREEN!

2011 NAMM Show
Booth D-4131
CARROLLTON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnBoard Research Corporation announces the first ever RECHARGEABLE Intellitouch Tuner. The new Intellitouch PT40 Tuner combines the legendary Intellitouch vibration-based tuning technology with a very reliable and popular Lithium Ion rechargeable battery as its power source. A USB 2.0 interface enables fast and easy charging, similar to most mobile phones. A charging cable is included with every tuner.

The Intellitouch PT40 tuner is automatic, chromatic, and displays the measured musical note on a large, backlit LCD screen for easy tuning. A single button interface and a backlight that changes from red to bright green when the correct tuning is detected, simplifies the tuner operation.

The Intellitouch PT40 is designed to clip-on and tune electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more. Best of all, the Intellitouch PT40 clip-on tuner actually feels the instrument’s vibrations instead of relying on sound for more accurate tuning.

Additional features include the ability to change the A-Reference to any frequency in the range of 430Hz to 450Hz, auto shut-off after 3 minutes of inactivity and the same limited Lifetime Warranty that is available on all products from OnBoard Research Corporation. The Intellitouch RECHARGEABLE PT40 Tuner will be available for shipment in February 2011 with a List Price of $49.95.

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