Truco Roller Bag Splits Into Pieces For Easy Stowage

I just noticed that “stowage” is a lot like “storage,” and chances are the former is just a corruption of the latter born on the high seas, where nobody has the time or inclination enunciate. But to proceed:

Are you one of those people who must use every possible cubic inch of storage allotted to you on the plane, and perhaps a little more? If so, you bother me, and I wish you’d stop. But for your convenience, I present to you this new bag.

The Truco, from Balanzza, is one of these all-in-one things you see people trucking around at the airport, but I don’t think I’ve seen one that splits a piece off the front like that before. That’s be handy to keep your documents or shirts in, and you could easily keep it flat or fold it carefully if need be.

It costs $200, which sounds like a lot, but you know, it’s a fully-featured roller bag, and that costs money, man. But just think about it first. Do you really need to take all that stuff? The plane goes faster if you leave it at home.