Another One Bites The Dust: Sony Shuts Down CD-Manufacturing Plant

Image: David M Warren / Philadelphia Inquirer

While I tend to chide Big Media for their reluctance to accept the new order of things (i.e. digital downloads, rejection of DRM, etc), I have my own form of affection for the old style, having grown up with tapes and CDs. So it saddens me to see definite steps being made towards the elimination of those forms of media. The most recent loss? A 50-year-old Sony CD manufacturing plant in Pitman, New Jersey.

Sony will be consolidating disc production at a Terra Haute facility that also does DVDs. 300 jobs will be lost when the Pitman factory shuts down, which is one of the inevitable costs of progress. The plant has been open since 1961, when it was pressing vinyl for Columbia, and has been in operation ever since.

It hurts my nostalgia, but it had to happen some time or another.

[via Network World and Electronista]