CrunchGear Interviews Gary Shapiro, The President Of The CEA And The International CES

While planning the International CES, mingling with Congress and performing other presidently duties at the CEA, Gary Shapiro managed to pen a book. The Comeback goes into how innovation was America’s past and ultimately its future. Nicholas and I sat down with Mr. Shapiro for a few minutes to discuss his upcoming book, CES and how China invented gunpowder.

We also obtained permission to publish the second chapter in the book where Mr. Shapiro recalls his adventures defending the VCR against a raging MPAA assault in the late ’70s and early ’80s. This is where the man saw how innovation is often stifled just so slow-moving industries do not suffer or fail.

Click through for our CES 2011 interview and the entire second chapter for your reading enjoyment.

The Comeback, Chapter 2, Why Innovation? Used with permission by Beaufort Books.

The Comeback – Chapter 2