DMR-BR30: Panasonic's Blu-Ray Recorder With Swappable HDD

Blu-ray recorders with integrated HDDs aren’t really new, but what the DMR-BR30, announced [JP] today by Panasonic for the Japanese market, offers is: a slot for swappable HDDs. The company says the idea here is to transfer the functionality VHS cassettes used to offer to the present (well, OK).

Needless to say, you can’t take any HDD but have to get Panasonic’s DY-HDD500 ($240), which features 500GB, connects via USB and can only be used in this recorder. Users can copy video from Blu-ray discs or DVDs to the HDD and vice versa.

The device supports BDXL and comes with an HDMI interface, Ethernet, one digital TV tuner and an SD card slot. Panasonic will start selling the DMR-BR30 in Japan on February 25 for $600.

Via AV Watch [JP]