Is This The New Facebook Phone And Interface?

The new phone is being called the INQ Cloud Touch and just might be the rumored Facebook phone. We just learned that the device received its Bluetooth certification and from that we learn that the phone was developed to “make messaging faster and smarter.” What will be different with this phone is how it interacts with the user; that it was developed around the way people naturally communicate.

Even though it’s rumored to be based on Android, Facebook is at the core of the device; every feature ties into Facebook. When the user is on the home screen, there are multiple places they can access Facebook functions. Expect live status updates, with events, pictures, and places. I’d assume that this is not the actual interface; what you see here is junk.

After news of the certification went up, the working was changed removing references to Facebook. Hmmm?! What’s interesting here is that INQ makes phones in Europe; and none here. Why would the Facebook phone look like this? It looks like something I had in high school. I’m thinking it’s going to go to one of those countries where music from my high school years is still popular; just “look at that photograph..”

What’s your take?

[Via PocketNow]