Utility Lets Kinect And Flash Play Nice

If you’re a Flash developer who’s been dying to get a little Kinect love, raise your hand! Yes! Look at all those hands. You guys are awesome.

We’ve seen a lot of Kinect hacks, but so far (they tell me) they’ve all been pretty much put together in C, and while we do talk trash about Flash a lot, I can see it working as a great rapid-prototyping option for a UI designer looking to put together something in Kinect, or a game developer wanting to try out a concept before coding it up from scratch. And Blitz has put together a tool for doing just that.

I’m not a developer, but it looks to me like their tool lets you bounce the raw Kinect signal off their little simple server, which sends a Flash-compatible (or Silverlight or Unity or what have you compatible) signal back. Sounds good to me, though I’m pretty sure I’m oversimplifying things. The video above shows everything you need to do, and the Blitz Labs blog has the source. Not a developer? You can probably skip it, but be on the lookout for Flash-based Kinect demos in a week or two.