OwnEdition: Customizable Watches For You And Yours

In the land of customizable merchandise, the bar is set pretty low. You can get a hankie customized or one of those squeeze balls but what about a $3,000 watch? OwnEdition, as ham-handed as their website is, offers customized watches in multiple styles and all of them include automatic Valjoux chronograph movements. Customization has its limits, however. Using the fairly robust Flash front-end, you select your watch, add a custom engraving (I selected “CORN NINJA” for obvious reasons) and place your order.

The watches come in steel and gold finishes and the chronographs, at least are quite handsome. What the site could have done without are the handsome gentlemen offering each other a handsome watch while standing around awkwardly in suits. A worse example of clip-art selection I have not seen.

In honesty, the watches are no great shakes but they are automatic and they are customizable so if you want to offer your Grandpa one that says “Congrats On The Parole” or your boss one that reads “I’ve Always Loved You, Murray,” this might be the perfect opportunity.