T-Mobile Wastes No Time Taking A Shot At iPhone On Verizon (And AT&T)

Well you have to give T-Mobile one thing: they sure are quick. It was only yesterday that Verizon announced that the iPhone 4 was coming to their network in a few weeks. That means that both AT&T and Verizon, the two largest carriers in the U.S., will now have the device. Meanwhile, the two smaller ones, Sprint and T-Mobile, will not (at least not yet). But T-Mobile believes they can offer customers something you can’t get on the iPhone on Verizon or AT&T: 4G speed.

Below, check out their new ad in true Apple -mocking style (similar to a previous one they did making fun of the iPhone for being on AT&T’s network). They’re calling this new ad “Identity”. It features the same attractive woman (T-Mobile), hip guy (iPhone 4) and corporate man (AT&T) from the other ad. But this time there’s a second corporate guy to represent Verizon (he has the red tie, AT&T has a blue tie, get it?). Cute.

Writes a rep for T-Mobile, “The ad features a similar look and feel to our recent myTouch 4G ads and shows that there’s no fun in having a great device running on a slow network.

The ad should start airing on TV networks next week, we’re told.

So now we know how T-Mobile is going to advertise against the iPhone 4 — but how is Verizon going to tout their new toy?