What Will Sprint Announce On February 7th?

Sure, we just got done with CES — and sure, Verizon just announced they’re getting the iPhone yesterday. And yes, Mobile World Congress is next month in Barcelona. Personal life, schmersonal life; we can always make room for one more press conference, right?

Up next on the podium, it seems, will be Sprint. They just sent out a bunch of invites to the gadget-writing populace, asking them to come and see “yet another industry first”. Any guesses as to what that’ll be? Sprint iPhone, perhaps? As glorious as that would be (and Tim Cook did straight up say that the CDMA iPhone wasn’t exclusive to Verizon), we’re having a hard time seeing where “Industry First” would fit in there.

Oh, and David Blaine will be there. At the very least, we’ll walk away better people knowing we were in the presence of his facial hair.