Will WrestleMania Be The Next ‘Big’ Event To Go 3D?

Word on the street (“the street” being this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which is behind a paywall, sorry) is that WWE is looking to film WrestleMania in 3D this year. The event, which takes place on April 3 in Atlanta, would be the first WWE event (and first North American wrestling or MMA event) to be filmed in 3D.

Keep in mind that this would be in-theater 3D, not 3D viewable on your 3DTV. The company WWE is working with, Fathom Events, is best known for promoting in-theater concerts and other special events. (It’s also the same company that put on those three UFC events in theaters around the country last year.)

But don’t get too excited because the Observer says WWE and Fathom Events are still working out the money split—WWE wants 60-70 percent of the 3D revenue, while Fathom Events would like to see WWE take a smaller cut.

So if it all works out, and that’s a big if, you’ll be able to see, maybe, CM Punk vs. John Cena and Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett (maybe!) at your local movie theater in 3D.

Sorta neat.