Edible Concept: Tetris Sugar Cubes

I believe I saw something like this a year back that looked like it was created by licking normal sugar cubes and sticking them together, forming tetrads. As fun as that sounds, I’d just as soon have my Tetris pieces fully formed right out of the bag. That’s what this concept from Danil Zdorov aims to do. I know I’d buy them, and they’d be a hit at any coffee shop around here.

There are three troubles, though, that I can foresee. First, you might get a lot of broken ones in a loose bag. This can be solved by packing them together like the boxes of normal sugar cubes, but produces problem number two: how are you going to organize all those tetrads into a cohesive shape without any gaps? You’ll literally need to hire professional Tetris sugar-lump organizers. The pieces could slide down from the top and the workers would have to put them into place, forming solid lines all the way across so the box is totally full. Did I just blow your mind?

Problem the third: if each of these is as big as four sugar cubes… you want some coffee with that sugar, buddy?

[via NCSX and Technabob]