Mitsubishi i-MiEV Taking Over Europe?

Today, Mitsubishi announced that it plans to bring the Euro-spec i-MiEV to 15 European countries. As you know, production started last fall, and Mitsubishi is trying to make it out faster than the Volt or Leaf; and with the Leaf’s recent productions problems and Volt’s low December sales, it may not be too hard.

In addition to the initial 15 countries, there have been requests from the other Europeans, such as Finland, Serbia, Turkey, and Slovenia.

When the US gets hold of the little Jellybean, expect it to be priced around $30,000, and that would be before the tax credit.

The i-MiEV is going to be great for people in small – large cities, where parking is tight and often limited. The i-MiEV will fall under the EV priority category that many cities are implementing into parking spots that include charging stations. Quick charging on the little Mitsubishi will take only 30 min from 0-80% with a specific quick charging station. Max speed is 80 mph and max range is 80 miles.