Tokyo Control: Japan Gets World's First 3D TV Series

3D TVs may be nice and all, but they are totally useless without content. Now Sony and two Japanese broadcasters, major TV network Fuji and satellite channel SkyPerfecTV, are set to launch what’s being described as the world’s first 3D TV series.

Dubbed Tokyo Control [JP], the drama series centers on a number of protagonists working at the Tokyo Air Traffic Control Center. Sony was responsible for providing the 3D equipment and know-how, while Fuji actually created the program whose first episode will be aired on SkyPerfecTV on Wednesday next week (SkyPerfecTV has about 400,000 subscribers)

There are 10 episodes in total, with each one lasting around 60 minutes. The series will be simultaneously shown (in 2D) on Fuji TV.

According to the makers, Fuji TV employees went to Hollywood to ask the producers of Avatar for advice on how to effectively shoot pictures in 3D before writing the script.