3D, Built-In Projectors, New Bloggies: Sony's Next 4 Camcorders (Video Gallery)

Sony has been blowing out quite a few camcorders lately (during the CES, for example), which is why our friends over at Tokoy-based Diginfonews went out and captured the next four models big S has in its pipeline on video (all clips are in English).

Full HD 3D Handycam
This camcorder is probably the most spectacular model: as the name suggests, it shoots 3D video in full HD resolution, and it boasts a naked-eye 3.5-inch 3D LCD screen so you can check your footage right on the spot.

Handycam with built-in projector
The HDR-PJ40V will be released in Japan next month and comes with a projector built into its LCD panel. It produces 60-inch images at a distance of 3m and also has stereo speakers.

Bloggie Touch and Bloggie 3D
Sony’s easy-to-use camcorder Bloggie gets a touchscreen update and another model that lets you shoot video in 3D through two Exmor 5.1MP CMOS sensors.