Direct2Drive Gets The Sims, Puts Them On Sale

Vanity, thy name is Farnsworth!

We talk about Steam seemingly every 18 seconds here, so it’s only fair that we pay attention to some of the other digital download services that are out there. Direct2Drive, the IGN-owned download service, has added The Sims to its existing catalog of “more than” 2,500 games. That means one thing for y’all: there’s a big sale!

All of the Sims games available are 40 percent off this week. (Note that doesn’t mean that all Sims games are available, just that the ones that are are 40 percent off.) The Sims 3 is normally $39.95, but this weeks it’s $23.95.

The latest Sims 3 expansion, Late Night, is normally $39.95, too, but this week it’s $23.95.

And on and on.

So if you were hankering for some Sims action of late, then you might want to investigate Direct2Drive.