Ekocase: Ecologically Sound iPad Cases For All (Plus A Contest)

Ekocase, not to be confused with singer Neko Case, makes green iPad cases out of bamboo and paper, turning your iPad into a cross between a finely bound book and a Moleskine. It is so eco-friendly, in fact, that it is made almost entirely of recyclable materials including a nylon strap that can be reused in future projects. I mean check this out:

We use high quality flooring grade bamboo that is meant to withstand constant use. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. A fully developed 60 foot bamboo can be replenished in 59 days. Alternatively, typical hardwood lumber trees can take 30-50 years to regenerate. Bamboo is also a very efficient plant that produces greater biomass and 30% more oxygen than comparable sized plants and can also help restore degraded lands from poor agriculture.

That’s right: you can grow your own replacement parts.

Ekocase sent us two monogramed sample cases and we’d like to offer them to a lucky reader or two. Simply comment below and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow at noon. The cases, which cost $54 for orange and $64 for other colors, are available now. They’re offering CG readers a super special discount, though, right here.

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UPDATE Congrats to Pat and Steve