Microsoft Ports One Of Windows Phone 7's Few Unique Features To The iPhone

We’re all still holding a special little place in our hearts for Windows Phone 7 just in case Microsoft pulls off some mind-blowing voodoo with one of their updates — but in the mean time, it sort of goes without saying: Windows Phone 7 doesn’t have much in terms of features that other platforms don’t.

One of the few things it does offer pretty much exclusively: its built-in Office features, like Word, Excel, and OneNote. And yet, it looks like Microsoft is starting to port some of these features over to their fiercest competitor; just minutes ago, Microsoft pushed a port of OneNote over to the iOS App Store.

For those unfamiliar with it: OneNote Mobile (free “for a limited time”, iTunes link here) is, as the name implies, a note taking application. OneNote for WP7’s biggest feature (and, quite honestly, one that Microsoft focused heavily on each and every time they showed us the platform) is its ability to sync notes across multiple phones/PCs through the Windows Live SkyDrive service — and sure enough, that’s built right in to the iPhone app.

Now, it’s not as if the iPhone couldn’t play friendly with the OneNote service before; there’s a free app called MobileNoter that seems to do it just fine, if you’re down to go the third party route. With that said, it’s a bit odd to see Microsoft willingly strike out one of WP7’s few unique features (even if it is a somewhat trivial one in the grand scheme of things.)