Online Scrapbooking Platforms Consolidate: Mixbook Buys Scrapblog

The digital scrapbooking space is competitive with Flickr, Apple’s iPhoto and other popular photo sharing sites offering high-end scrap booking options for consumers. Which is why smaller startups are dropping like flies, either heading to the deadpool or via acquisitions. Last year digital scrapbooking startup ScrapHD was bought by craft store chain Michaels. And today, Scrapblog, a startup that lets you build rich Flash-based online scrapbooks is being acquired by competitor Mixbook. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.

This actually a positive exit for a company that seemed to be in trouble. As of last fall, Scrapblog’s traffic was minimal, only receiving 84,000 unique visitors in September. And we received a number of reports that Scrapblog was forced to layoff employees last year.

Similar to Mixbook, Scrapblog offers an online editor that allows users to decorate their scrapbook with text, images, colorful themes, and other embellishments, which can then be shared on the web or printed out. By ways of history, the startup was first introduced back in 2006, briefly went offline, and relaunched in March 2007.

In 2009, the startup brought on a new CEO, Jill Braff, to lead the company after startup’s founder and CEO Carlos Garcia, stepped aside. And last year, Scrapblog raised $2.5 million from Disney’s Steamboat Ventures.

For Mixbook, the acquisition will add a new userbase, and bring new features and creative tools to its existing userbase.