Rescuecom: HP More Reliable Than Apple

Rescuecom, the computer repair service, says that, based on the number of “rescue” calls it has received, HP is the most reliable computer maker out there. HP scored better than traditionally reliable companies like Apple and Asus. Is the end of the road for mighty Apple?

Of course not, no. That would be silly.

In fact, this particular survey is a bit of an anomaly, as other Rescuecom data usually doesn’t have HP anywhere near the top of the reliability charts.

Asus, too, usually scored much higher than it did this time around, and that could possibly be attributed to Asus’ rise from obscure-but-reliable accessory maker to well-known-but-perhaps-not-as-good-as-they-used-to-be accessory maker.

You could also point to the fact that maybe Apple’s customers are a little more computer savvy, and then don’t have to call services like Rescuecom. Then again, Rescuecom’s methods do try to take into account market-share; it’s not as if the company is saying, “We received 10 calls for Apple computers, but only four for HP. Therefore HP is superior.”

Bottom line: don’t let this ruin your Tuesday.