Thief Tunnels Into GameStop, Does What One Does In That Situation

This man, one Steven Paul Archer of Greeneville, Tennessee, cut through a metal storage area to access the drywall and studs of a GameStop game store next door. He then proceeded to cut through the drywall and entered the GameStop after hours. He was able to steal $288.55 in cash and $5,342 in merchandise and, for once, he wasn’t asked if he wanted to join that damned GameStop savings club nor did he have to accept a subscription to Game Informer that “pays for itself.”

He also did not have to fill out a survey online to win a $500 gift card, mostly because he had already stolen more than $500.

The break-in occurred on January 4, according to the Greeneville Sun. The best part? Get this:

The detective said the Walmart video showed Archer in an “unusual vehicle,” a GMC “Jimmy” SUV painted “passion purple,” a color he determined was only used for two years.

The SUV also had decals that made it easier to identify, Hankins said.

After reviewing the videos at Walmart on Jan. 5, Hankins said, “As luck would have it,” as the detective was pulling out of Walmart, “there sat the vehicle,” across the Bypass. Hankins said he was able to identify the vehicle and “made a stop” to interview the driver.

via Thinq