Video: Mobile, Post-Apocalypse Mini Robot House EDV-01

If you’re scared of being homeless and cut off after an apocalypse, major Japanese home builder Daiwa House has a solution for you: the EDV-01 (Emergency Disaster Vehicle) [JP], a robotic mobile mini house designed help people after disaster strikes.

Daiwa says that it just needs the push of a button to set up the house. According to the company, the EDV-01 is in standby mode after 4 minutes. Each unit is sized at 6058mm×H2591mm×D2438mm and weighs 10 tons.

The house has two floors and offers a restroom, a small kitchen, beds, a shower, a fridge, LED lights and satellite-powered data transfer so you can keep on using your cell phone and PC in a serious emergency situation.

As you could expect, solar panels are placed on the roof, and those panels (plus a battery and a fuel cell) provide enough energy for about a month.

The video embedded below is in Japanese but has an (intentionally) cheesy and over-the-top introduction sequence in English – worth watching.

Via Wired Italy [IT]