YouTube Rolls Out Its New Homepage To Everyone

YouTube started experimenting with a new homepage last month, amping up its recommendation features so it would suggest new content you’re interested in. Today it has rolled out that experiemental homepage to all users. YouTube product manager Brian Glick tells us that the decision was made primarily because of positive user feedback, “Over 100,000 people filled out a survey, and most thought that the homepage is better now. Millions of people opted in, now we’re just putting it out to all the rest.”

The whole thrust here seems to be increasing the recommendation aspect of the site for users who are logged in Their solution is bringing more of the videos you interact with to the fore. Says Glick, “What we’re trying to turn the homepage into a destination to go to when you don’t know what you want to watch.  Now you personalized list of content that’s waiting for you.”

YouTube includes a list of the new features on the previous experiment page, I’ve broken them down below.

Combined list

Don’t miss a video

Delete anything and “grey out”

Help me re-find stuff I just watched

Easy inbox

YouTube has removed some of the less popular impersonal features like “Videos Being Watched Now” and moved the “Spotlight” and “Featured Videos” sections over to the right side. This is part of an effort to make the left side of the homepage more personal to the users.

Glick says that the new features are meant to hit three different dimensions of personalization: “Things you’ve told YouTube you like,””Videos your friends have shared,” and “Videos YouTube thinks you like.” The new homepage focuses on serving up videos your friends have liked, channels you’re subscribed to and other things YouTube recommends based on your taste. The operative term here is YOU.

“It’s part of our broader focus on how we can bridge the gap from 15 minutes a day to 5 hours a day” Glick explains, referring to how people usually spend 5 hours on television versus 15 minutes on YouTube. “We want to make this personalized experience follow you anywhere where there is a screen.”