CloudTalk Raises $5.2 Million For Social Communications Tool

CloudTalk has raised $5.2 million in Series A funding in a combination of debt and equity financing, two separate SEC filings reveal. The company says it expects to close the round by the end of this month.

Perhaps the startup can spend some cash to buy – its website is currently located at (its former name).

CloudTalk is billed as a social messaging service that “goes beyond texting and voicemail”, in the sense that it aims to enable voice communication between individuals and groups via the Web and a range for smartphones, free of charge.

To be honest, the service doesn’t look all that exciting, so it was quite a surprise to see the experience of the team behind the company.

Chief executive of the fledgling company is David Hayden, a serial entrepreneur who was co-founder of the Magellan Search Engine in 1993 (!), which was sold to Excite back in 1996.

He was also founding chairman and CEO of Critical Path (which went public in 1999), created social networking company JetEye in 2004 and served on the boards of companies like E*Trade Financial, Riya, and eHatchery.

Hayden co-founded CloudTalk in February 2009 – you can find bios on the rest of the team here. I’ve reached out to CloudTalk to learn more about their plans.