Next-Gen BlackBerry Curve Gets Caught On Camera

See that lovely, BlackBerry Curve-lookin’ thing up there? According to N4BB, that’s none other than the next generation BlackBerry Curve (or, as they allegedly refer to it as inside RIM, the BlackBerry “Sedona”) we saw a render of just last week.

While N4BB’s source only named a few specs, they’re just about identical to what trickled out before: 512MB, and BlackBerry OS 6.1. Oddly, they go on to say that the screen appears to pack a resolution “much higher than any current BlackBerry”. Thus far, we’ve been hearing that this Curve’s screen runs at 480×360. While that’s certainly higher than the 320×240 resolution we’ve grown accustom to with BlackBerry Curves prior, it’s still relatively low by modern smartphone standards.