Leaked Verizon Pricing Puts Motorola Xoom Tablet At $800, Thunderbolt At $250

A bit of the old backend-pricing-screen tipsterism came into Android Central’s inbox earlier today, showing what appears to be an internal pricing guide for a few upcoming devices. The HTC Thunderbolt gets a $250 price, which sounds like what we’d expect for a premium subsidized device.

More interesting perhaps is the pricing of Motorola’s Xoom tablet, not too surprising, at $800. I think it’s safe to assume that’s unsubsidized, however, and even the Galaxy Tab had a price in that region before it was brought low by middling demand on some carriers. Furthermore, it’s 3G/4G and has 32GB of storage. I’d guess we’ll see a $500 price point or something thereabouts eventually. The pricing and subsidy strategy is probably much different for tablets and phones, so I could be wrong.