Video: The Crunchies Song!

Those of you who attended the Crunchies last night or watched the live stream were lucky enough to see Jonathan Mann perform a new song that he wrote specifically for the event. “The Crunchies Song” sums up the event pretty nicely. Find both Mann’s live performance and his official video for the song below.

You’ll note that this is actually Mann’s 750th song on YouTube. Yes, he has created a song everyday for over two years now. You might recall some of them, as we’ve posted a number of them — like the one he wrote about me, the one he wrote about Steve Jobs, the one he wrote about the iPhone 4 antenna (which Apple even played at their press conference), the Steven Slater song, and, the one that first put him on our radar, the Bing Jingle (and the follow-up). Mann even wrote a song to congratulate us on the AOL deal.