Sean Parker calls The Social Network "a complete work of fiction"

Early Facebook backer Sean Parker, on stage at European conference DLD, just gave perhaps his most comprehensive reaction to The Social Network movie yet, calling it “a complete work of fiction.”

During the end of the movie his character, payed by actor Justin Timberlake, is at a party where drugs are being taken and various beautiful models are wondering around.

“I kind’ve wish my life were that cool,” said Parker.

“But I’m a geek from Silicon Valley and there are no Victoria Secret models in Silicon Valley,” he said. In fact, this would be so unusual that “If you walked down the street in San Francisco with a model, there would be people there laying down at your feet” (presumably he meant out of respect).

But Parker added “The most part which was most frustrating for me was were the character played by Justin Timberlake who just happens to have my name, writes a cheque to Eduardo – who I remain in contact with – and throws it at his face, and has him thrown out of the building. This guy in the movie is just morally reprehensible.”

Clearly, Parker smarts at the movie but his interview on stage at DLD shows that he remains relatively relaxed about his portrayal, mainly because the Timberlake characterisation bears no relation to reality.

It looks like Sarah Lacy was right.

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