Ding! The White iPhone 4 Shows Up In AT&T's Inventory

Would-be White iPhone 4 owners, resume your position on the edge of your seat. Following last week’s appearance of a white iPhone 4 in Best Buy’s inventory system, the most mythical handset of the smartphone world (It’s like Big Foot and the Lochness Monster pooled their money to build a phone designed by a Unicorn) has just appeared in yet another database — but this time, it’s AT&T’s.

The database shows two separate entries: one for a white 32 GB model, and one for a white 16 GB model. Alas, there’s no date mentioned — but if that Best Buy listing holds true, the white iPhone 4 might finally debut around the end of February. “The end of February”, of course, being just a few months before the iPhone 5 is almost certainly going to be announced.

[Via BGR]