iPhone Moe Book: This Is How It's Done, Fanboys

How much do you love your iPhone? Enough to draw 64 images featuring fulsome young ladies in daring positions fondling the hardware while staring guile-lessly at the horizon? Didn’t think so.

J-List has this $35 Moe book by some of the best anime artists. All of the pictures, besides showing girls in various states of coquetry, feature the iPhone quite prominently.

Dozens of high profile bishoujo artists lend their hands to the theme of the gadget that arguably defined the decade, and the result is a truly impressive array of 128 pages, roughly 64 full color illustrations. Opposite each is a description of one of the many popular applications that extend the use of the phone, from twitter to facebook, flickr, tumblr, skype, pixiv, deviantart, and much more.

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