HTC Flyer Specs: Sense UI, HSPA, Dual Cameras

HTC’s upcoming tablets hve been peeking out from various non-official sources over the last few weeks, starting with a trademark request, then a few supplier leaks. And now someone has leaked what they claim is more or less the full spec sheet for the 7″ device.

It’ll have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as the Desire HD (model MSM8255), and the 7-inch touchscreen will be 1024×600. So, similar dimensions to the Galaxy Tab. The Flyer also has dual cameras, plus HDMI out. And it’ll support HSPA, the high-bandwidth 3G technology that debuted with the T-Mobile G2.

It’ll also have a new version of Sense on it, which apparently HTC has modified to be more desktop-y (not sure if I’m happy about this). The device is also listed as shipping with Android 2.3, which will put it at a distinct disadvantage to the other tablets coming out. That said, the 10-inch Flyer (or Scribe, whatever it may be called) will likely ship with 3.0.

[via Android Community]