Need to check out that mole on your arm? Just buy this $1,500 iPhone case

You’ve got a funky mole growing on your arm, but you’re too lazy to go get it checked out by a Doctor? Don’t be silly. Go to the Doctor. Funky moles can kill you dead.

You’ve got a funky mole long diagnosed as harmless, and you want to get up-close-and-personal with it? Oh, and you’ve got fifteen hundred bucks and an iPhone? Perfect. Check out the handyscope, a plug-and-play conversion case for the iPhone 4 that turns Cupertino’s finest into an on-the-go dermascope. Just like you always wanted!

All jabs aside, there are plenty of totally legit uses for this. Traveling physicians can send photos back to the office for safe keeping. Doctors overseas can send shots to their colleagues back home for consultation. Plus, there’s pretty much no better way to make friends than to ask strangers if you can look really closely at their skin. Right? Guys? Anyone?

[Source: MedGadget via Engadget]