Lip Dub Video: Everybody Cut Footloose At DLD (Tech Celebs Dance, Pretend To Sing)

I’ve been to a lot of tech and media conference in my day, but this week marked the first time I attended the annual Digital – Life – Design (DLD) Conference in Munich, Germany.

Not only was it a great opportunity to listen to, meet with, and hijack the Twitter and Facebook accounts of many a tech luminary, but it was also outright fun to be there.

I realize full well lip dubbing was probably last considered cool around the tail end of 2006, but that didn’t stop many of DLD’s attendees from participating in a well-organized lip-dub video recording, to the tunes of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose.

A few faces you might recognize:

Robin Wauters (ha!), famous angel investors Esther Dyson and Yossi Vardi, Googlers Marissa Mayer, Anil Hansjee and Lior Ron, Scobleizer, physician and writer Deepak Chopra, rock star venture capitalist Howard Morgan from First Round Capital, digital technology historian George Dyson, and last but not least TechCrunch Europe editor Mike Butcher.

Can you name more people in the video (which you may have to watch on YouTube)?

The video was directed by the charismatic Yosi Taguri.

Director: Yosi Taguri
Camera: Tassilo Letzel
Props + art work: Rina Donnersmarck
Organisation: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck
Assistant: Nora Abousteit
Gali Ross
Alexander Henckel-Donnersmarck
Pierre Ostrowski
Technical support: Melanie Landa
Organisation support: Sabine Schmid
Producer: Franziska Deecke
Inspiration: Steffi Czerny + Marcel Reichart of DLD