With Adapter, Wi-Fi Comes To A Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator Near You

Texas Instruments will be adding Wi-Fi, via a new adapter, to its TI-Nspire CX Navigator graphing calculator. Wi-Fi! Is there a Cydia-like repository for TI applications?

The adapter, the TI-Nspire CX Navigator, has just gone through the FCC rigamarole. It connects to the bottom of the Nspire line of graphing calculators, granting them instant Wi-Fi capability.

Trying to browse the Internet using one of those calculators is probably no buys, but like I said a minute ago, this could open up the possibility of an easy-to-use repository of applications. Back in my day, using a TI-89 (which was later destroyed in a basement flood!) you had to buy a USB transfer cable then go to some esoteric Web site to download applications. And then you needed a special program to transfer the data to the calculator! But after all that effort: Mario (and various academic programs, like automated physics equations solvers) on your graphing calculator. Mighty fine indeed.