DLD11: Mendeley now indexing 60 million research papers (TCTV)

Mendeley, dubbed “the Last.fm of research”, is on a roll right now.

The startup offers a secure online database for scientists, academics and researchers to store their research papers in the ‘cloud’, making it easier to share those documents with peers. The system also helps researchers find and connect to like-minded academics in similar fields by looking at and extracting relevant meta-data from the millions of research papers stored in its database.

Last year it rolled out new premium packages after customers requested features such as more storage.

Victor Henning, Co-Founder and CEO of Mendeley, spoke to us at DLD about their moves to date and where they go from here.

They just opened a New York office to do business development wit US business and universities, such as Columbia University.And Mendeley is now indexing 60 million research papers and now has in the region of 700,000 users.